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April 10th, 2012: Live Blogging VIS


International Modernity. Go.


Tumblr. Go.


Just found out my Great Uncle died through BBM. Don’t remember ever meeting him…

So my parents are coming down South for the second funeral this school year. This is a bad year for distant relatives.


I wish I could have a cat when I move into my new townhouse but my roommates won’t have it :( do any of you guys have cats? or are you all dog people?



Question to the 90s kids: Backstreet or Nsync?


Tumblr wouldn’t let me log in for a whole hour. It was awful. Traumatizing. This platform really hasn’t been working for me lately.



Totally drew the wrong building for the portfolio I was doing (Intenational Modernity).

Solution? Change name of portfolio!


So now I’m doing Economic Miracle because I apparently lost my notes for Space Age.



Dying over the amazing evening chanel and dior gowns from the 50s whilst being super jealous of Marilyn’s figure.








you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals….

Did you just start singing it too?!



Bought Hummus and pita for a snack. Got hummus on pencil. Pencil Hummus tastes like lead.

Just btw.



Just realized my makeup case is very Art Deco.

Considered cutting it up for collage.



New follower.

Hi new follower!

You’re cool.



Some people think that a cloudy sky that forces you to turn your lights on is a bad thing…

Those people aren’t doing VIS and don’t trace their pictures from their computer screen :P



obsessivebipolarchick replied to your post: Live Blogging VIS

I feel like this whole liveblogging VIS means you aren’t actually doing much VIS =P



Aaaaaaaand I’m hungry again. Blegh. Should I get real food, or simply eat all the Easter chocolate I still have leftover…. hmm….

Status Update: I have finished 6 pages over the course of 7 hours. Who’s boss? Me. That’s who.




Ahg! I’d love something like this right now. What are my beautiful followers craving?


One of my crayons metled and in the process welded itself to my heater. I can’t get it off. However, in discovering this I also found a penny and an exacto knife razor blade wedged between my heater and the window. Neither of these are mine and apparently I’ve lived in this room since September wihtout noticing.



Kate’s late night VIS snack:

6 inch turkey breast sub on brown with cheese

No hot peppers even if the lady behind the counter thinks there are.

Small raspberry Yogenfruz

A cup of Lemon green tea.

Boo yea.


I really want a nap right now. Really bad. But I know if I lie down, I won’t get up for a really long time and I still want to finish two more pages before midnight. Okay. I can totally do this. I hope.


Kay, so I gave in and had a nap. I’m going to postpone bloggin for about an hour now to get moving on my final stretch.


Total Count:

Pages Finished: 10


Portfolios Completed: 3

Runny Noses: 1

Youtube Videos: Unfathomable

Bedtime: Midnight