Maybe I should stop watching The Daily Show…

It only makes me mad about American Politics and makes me sad about the state of the human race and how unaccepting they are.

Disclaimer: All info divulged here is based on knowledge I ONLY have from the Daily Show.

Example: Mitt Romney is being slandered for his religious beliefs. Now, I don’t know a lot about his campaign and I don’t know if he actually is a Mormon or not. What I do know is that your religious beliefs shouldn’t determine whether or not you can do a good job. I would hope that my candidates could keep their personal lives out of their duties and do what is best for the country AS A WHOLE. That’s one thing I like about Canadian politics. Most mud-slinging tthat happens is directed at policies the other party wants to incorporate.

Another example: Apparently Romney hired a gay man to be his spokesperson. That’s awesome! Obviously he was just trying to win the younger generation over, but it worked on me! I might actually listen to him after that if I were an American citizen. But then this guy goes slandering the poor spokesperson saying that it threatens marriage, that the homosexual lifestyle consists of simply one night stands (because, you know, straight guys don’t hook up either), the average will have over 500 sexual partners (yeah, because that’s totally realistic. Also, he’s just jealous), and that they are dangerous because they frequent gay baths (because, y’know, their completely different from strip clubs. Because in those ones, there’s girls, not boys.)

As Jon said, in case you’re wondering why the picture is blurry, it’s because his opinions are being brodcast from 50 years ago.

Okay, so you don’t agree with homosexuality. I don’t agree with dill pickle flavoured popcorn. WHY DOES THAT HAVE TO EFFECT THEY WAY SOMEONE DOES THEIR JOB? What’s wrong with people who aren’t afraid to be who they are? They’re happy. They’re not hurting anyone. Their like spiders. Leave them alone, and they’ll leave you alone. The only one forcing beliefs and practices on anyone are YOU.

I could go on forever but the two main points are:

1. Let people’s performance and not background define them in their professional life.

2. Why can’t we just accept eachother and move on?

LOL, make blowjobs illegal. Like he could’ve done that anyways.

05/02/12 at 11:34pm
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